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One hundred million children of the world are clothe less, homeless, sleeping on the road and street also twenty five hundred million children have not get any education facilities but it is there fundamental rights, no body care about them.

Fancy get return her sense and saw "Shella" standing in front of cage and asked-
"Why she doesn't wearing the apparels" ? Fancy replied- She has not decided yet whether she does wear the apparels or not, there is three legal reasons in this decision.

VIP Road of Dhaka City, Bangladesh

First of it, One hundred million of children of the world are homeless, clothe less
and sleeping in the street.

Second reason- When she was coming from Sitakunda to Dhaka. She was observed behaviors of some people in the train and street. It is similar like wild

Third reason is that-Twenty five hundred million of children of the world have not get any education facilities which there fundamental rights but nobody care about it.

Shella realized the situation and advise Fancy- If the people of the whole world have not any sense to feeling the right or wrong but you have to the sense about consequence than, you could told other people to become a honest men. So, you have to wear apparels and start your education. Fancy agreed with shella that-"It is true, Honesty is the best policy."

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